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When God created his angels he did not mean
to make divinely cruel urban monsters who
stalk back alleys and lurk in the shadows.

Michael breathes out smog and a Bowie knife
is clutched in his hand. He uses it for fun.
Raphael’s grin glints gold in the amber lighting:
angels live for war.

They all move as a unit. In Heaven
they were called a garrison.
Here, they are a gang.

On the other side of town is Lucifer,
pressing hasty kisses on Lillith’s neck in a
dirty restroom. Her lipstick is sin-red and smudged.

Hell is a dusty dive bar, the Throne
a battered bar stool and Lucifer reigns triumphant.
He rules the south side and tomorrow he will
battle Michael tooth and nail for the west.

God gave his angels form
and they did the rest.

coleridges (via machiavels)
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I love the Pushing Daisies universe because it’s this beautiful little bright world where people live in windmills and keep bees and everyone’s jobs are things like lighthouse keeping, illusionists, and scratch-and-sniff book authors. But it’s teeming with cold-blooded murder.

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Firefly Headcanon






Zoe and Wash, while deeply forever ridiculously in love, are not drift compatible.

Zoe and Mal are drift compatible.

Kaylee and Wash are drift compatible, and they have the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever been seen in the ‘verse - the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever to run away from a kaiju.


(also, the sudden thought of River Tam in a jaeger is rutting terrifying)

She hung from the ceiling, a perfect, motionless sculpture of a girl in the process of becoming a fruitbat.  Simon glanced up at her periodically, both checking that she was still present, and reassuring himself that the grind of the machines overhead would keep her from hearing what he had to say.  It wasn’t that he was keeping secrets from her; River knew everything about her condition, sometimes more than he did.  It was that she didn’t like being talked about, and he respected that.

"They weren’t trying to unlock psychic powers or anything like that, no matter what the rumors say," he said, his voice shaking slightly.  Kaylee shifted her weight from foot to foot, disturbed by that tremor in his words.  Simon Tam was the best K-scientist she’d ever worked with.  For him to sound scared…

"Those people, those monsters…" Simon paused to take a deep breath, relaxing a little at the taste of oil on his tongue.  Enough time spent with Kaylee had turned grime into perfume.  "They were trying to set up a neural bridge inside a single mind.  They wanted to do away with the need for drift compatibility, and privatize the Pilots.  Imagine being able to market Jaegers for domestic and commercial use, because you only needed one Pilot, and that Pilot was so doped and dependent that they could never leave you."

"That’s horrific," whispered Kaylee.  "They…they messed up her brain tryin’ to do something as can’t be done?"

"Oh, it can be done," said Simon grimly.  "They succeeded.

"My sister is in constant Drift with herself."

"She hung from the ceiling, a perfect, motionless sculpture of a girl in the process of becoming a fruit bat"

Not gonna lie, I laughed when I read this. 


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  • Capitalist 1:Hey, it's Pride month, should we do anything to support queer people?
  • Capitalist 2:I heard there's a shelter for queer and trans kids who got kicked out that's going to be closing soon due to lack of funding?
  • Capitalist 1:I was thinking more along the lines of an ad campaign where we just put our logo in rainbow colors.
  • Capitalist 2:That's a much better idea
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