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Anywho here be my little slice of tumblr. I mostly just reblog what I like and I like a lot.

Mostly this means fandom stuff and me cursing various attractive celebrities but sometimes it's other stuff I care about (usually body positivity or LGBT stuff)

I subscribe to many a fandom. It can get kind of crowded up in here.

I am going through a fairly serious Teen Wolf obsession right now. I don't how how it happened but yeah... until a cure is developed you can expect a lot of that.

I multi-ship everyone. Crossovers and fusion fics make me happy. Basically I like to mix everything up with everything else.

I make no claims of quality or consistency here. But I do promise a hate free blog. If you follow me I will be very happy but don't be surprised if everything changes or I disappear for like a week with no explanation. I do that sometimes.

Also I just thought you should know, I love you. Because who knows if anyone has said that to you yet today and you deserve to hear it.
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In my head, the reason the TARDIS took so long to fix herself during The Eleventh Hour was that she was trying extra hard to make things perfect for the Doctor. She’d seen how badly he’d been hurt in his previous incarnation, how he’d been left by everyone he cared about again and again. And then when she got a chance at a fresh start at the same time as her beloved Doctor she took it upon herself to be big and warm and homey and inviting and to banish all the bad memories that had been haunting him. Because she knows him better than anyone and knew that this was exactly what he needed.

And when she felt the grin on his face and heard him compliment her hard work, her console glowed just a bit brighter with pride and love for her wonderful mad man.

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