Crazy Random Happenstance

Janelle. 20. Queer. Canadian. Mostly awesome always bizarre.

Anywho here be my little slice of tumblr. I mostly just reblog what I like and I like a lot.

Mostly this means fandom stuff and me cursing various attractive celebrities but sometimes it's other stuff I care about (usually body positivity or LGBT stuff)

I subscribe to many a fandom. It can get kind of crowded up in here.

I am going through a fairly serious Teen Wolf obsession right now. I don't how how it happened but yeah... until a cure is developed you can expect a lot of that.

I multi-ship everyone. Crossovers and fusion fics make me happy. Basically I like to mix everything up with everything else.

I make no claims of quality or consistency here. But I do promise a hate free blog. If you follow me I will be very happy but don't be surprised if everything changes or I disappear for like a week with no explanation. I do that sometimes.

Also I just thought you should know, I love you. Because who knows if anyone has said that to you yet today and you deserve to hear it.
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